Oil Massage – Happy Ending Massage Pattaya

While the majority of massage parlours around Pattaya restrict their official services to traditional Thai massage, quite a few “regular” massage shops (i.e. not soapy massage parlours) may offer a standard Thai oil massage, yet accompanied or followed by a few less traditional non-standard extras like a balls-massage, a hand-job or blow-job, possibly even more?

If that’s the kind of massage you want, you are advised to go for an oil massage. Usually, when a massage lady chats you up on the street “bar girl-style” and discretly offers you an oil massage, this could be a first suggestion that she may extend her services to a little hand relief. If then she asks you to take off your shorts, and her massaging hands frequently touch your balls and your possibly erected little friend during the massage session, you can be 99% sure that a hand-job is on its way.

Quite a few of these so-called “dirty massage” parlours can be found on Soi Honey Inn, a narrow side-street between Pattaya 2nd Road and Soi Buakhao, with a number of mid-range and budget hotels, a few bars and restaurants, and an extraordinarily large number of massage parlours and “massage bars”. Most (if not all?) girls on Soi Honey should be ready to extend their services to a hand-job (chuck-wow in Thai) or a special “oral massage,” while more adventurous girls may be in for even more?

Otherwise, “dirty” massages are basically available all over town – e.g. on Soi Buakhao and its side-streets, Soi Post Office etc. – and often it’s just a question of money (and courage to ask for special services!) to get a little hand relief from practically most massage girls in Pattaya.

These less common massage practices provided in “dirty” massage parlours typically result in a “happy ending,” for which extra you’ll be expected to tip the girl (boy/ladyboy). Generally you can expect to pay 300 to 500 Baht extra for a hand-job or blow-job. These rates are to be negotiated with the girls individually and are not included in the regular price for the massage (which is the same as in venues not providing these little extras.)

Note: As in traditional massage shops, there are usually no private rooms available in “dirty” massage parlours, and individual massage areas are often just separated by curtains or thin wooden walls; which means less privacy than in the more expensive body massage palours.

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